The best way to predict the future is to invent it. -Alan Kay

Koerner Design helps our clients see the future and build towards that future. Our process of future envisioning forecasts trends and synthesizes them in order to deduce novel innovation concepts. And we rely heavily on visually rich presentations to ensure all stakeholders can clearly see and understand the creative ambition at a common, shared level.

Below are a few highlights of future envisioning pieces we’ve produced to help our clients imagine fresh creative possibilities for their product or project development programs.

Enchanting Hotel Rooms

Immersive digital experiences in hospitality

Let’s explore how digital lighting + digital signage will blur together to create stunning new concepts. These rooms can vividly switch from color to candlelight; can incorporate delightful patterns of movement and animation; and can extend the feeling of space using 3D anamorphic graphics on large format digital displays.

What’s a screen? What’s a mirror? What’s a wall or ceiling…or a portal to a virtual world beyond? Hard to say!

We can combine the best of the physical and digital worlds, seamlessly blurring our physical space with virtual space.

“Instagram hotel room” experiences!

Immersive Digital Walls

Transforming walls into dynamic portals to the digital world

Immersive digital experiences will transform how we conceive of physical retail and hospitality projects. Architectural scale LED displays and mesmerizing live-rendered motion graphics will envelope and captivate your guests.

Can Koerner Design help you develop immersive digital experiences for your brand? Let’s talk!

Reimagining Fitting Rooms

Transforming a retail friction point into immersive digital experiences

Immersive digital experiences will transform how we conceive of retail journeys. Architectural scale LED displays and mesmerizing live-rendered motion graphics will envelope and captivate your guests at the most crucial moment in their shopping experience.

Let’s imagine how we might use the full complement tools:

  • Direct-view LED signage modules, which are fully flexible and can be fit to amorphous shapes.
  • Digital projection projection mapping, which can turn any surface or piece of clothing into a digital surface.
  • Dynamic LED lighting, which can help extend the digital content to envelop the entire room.
  • Live rendering, which can use a variety of media and live/interactive data streams to render clothing, effects and gorgeous atmospheric effects in a highly personal and reactive approach.

Put together, we can envision sumptuous immersive digital experiences at the crucial moment when your customers feel most vulnerable – trying on your clothing to see if it physically fits and – perhaps more importantly – to see if it fits their lifestyle and personal hopes/dreams/ambitions.

Play of Brilliants

Using luminous patterns with architectural surfaces

Designers are hungry to add visual richness into their projects, but are grasping for fresh, contemporary options. Try adding a “play of brilliants” to your architectural wall and ceiling systems.
Can we help you add “luminous patterns” to your product or project? Let us know!

How can Koerner Design help you to lead the future of your industry?

Koerner Design helps our clients develop innovative new products, experiences and environments. We are specialized at the intersection of architectural lighting and digital media systems and provide a range of services, including experience design and product development.

Can we help you develop the next generation of products or experiences for your brand? Let’s talk!

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