About Us

Are you trying to fuse the physical and digital worlds together to craft engaging in-person experiences for your guests, customers or employees?

Koerner Design helps our clients develop innovative new products, experiences and environments at the intersection of architectural lighting and digital media systems.

Koerner Design helps our clients:

  1. Envision future trends in lighting, digital media and related technologies for retail, hospitality and architectural environments, experiences and products
  2. Distill a range of novel, industry-leading product concepts from those envisioning exercises
  3. Build a tightly focused, clearly prioritized, properly scoped product roadmap from that wishlist of concepts
  4. Produce engaging product marketing content for launching those products
  5. Develop creative marketing hooks, content and a marcomm roadmap for promoting those launches.

Innovation projects that span architectural placemaking, hardware development, software development and service design are incredibly challenging to realize. Yet that’s exactly what Koerner Design does: We help our clients and project teams develop and launch challenging products, services and environments that push their businesses into the future.

Our values:

We invest in studying the future so our clients can stay ahead of the competition.

We understand that the most revolutionary, market-altering innovations span across traditionally siloed market segments and narrowly-defined professional functions such as architectural lighting or digital signage.

Koerner Design continually invests in trend-hunting and future envisioning projects across a vast range of professional fields, technical areas and design movements. We attend a diverse set of tradeshows, urban design weeks and academic symposia, follow a vast range of social and technical innovation media, and make sure to talk with leading minds in diverse areas. We make sure our vision of the future is multifaceted and fuses a range of inputs — from sexy sustainability to immersive digital experiences to timeless design crafts.

We help our clients dream big but execute practically.

We understand how scarce resources are for all of our clients.  We help our clients explore exciting new concepts, but also to realistically define their ambition and set precise goals through practical project scoping exercises.  With a firm scope of work, we practice strict task focus, project management and realistic resource planning.

One area of expertise is not enough.

We understand that digital technologies are driving modern hospitality and retail projects to complex levels of sophistication.  Brands are left to coordinate a myriad of highly specialized and expensive consultants to achieve their vision.  We bring efficiency to our project clients by integrating lighting design, digital media, UX design, media content and product design as a unified solution.

We deliver innovations that drive revenue.

We listen to our clients to understand what end customers need and want.  We help our clients bring new solutions to market that fundamentally integrate product marketing, business development and innovation management expertise.

We act as professionals with heart.

We treat each other with fairness and respect and expect reciprocal treatment, and that goes for both inside our company and our partnerships with our clients. 

University of Connecticut, West Classroom Building, Location: Storrs CT, Architect: Leers Weinzapfel Associates

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